Rock Out to Integrity’s New Track: “All Death Is Mine”

Long hailed as one of the masters of metal-infused hardcore, Integrity has recently begun to further diversify their sound. This was especially evident on 2017’s Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume, which featured hard rock and classic heavy metal influences on songs like “String Up My Teeth” and “Die With Your Boots On.” For anyone who enjoyed the new playful spirit displayed on that album, Integrity’s new song “All Death Is Mine” is a real treat.

The song has an infectious crunch, a gritty atmosphere, and enough hooks to make Hellraiser‘s Pinhead jealous. I got a hold of the band’s mastermind, Dwid Hellion, who gave me some details about the song and how it came together

“A few months ago, we were approached by Adult Swim to record a new INTEG song for their singles series. Around that same time, Dom and I had been working on corrupting some ’80s Heavy-Metal themed song ideas. “All Death Is Mine” evolved from working and reworking that concept.”

Integrity working with Adult Swim!? What a time to be alive!

As part of their singles series, Adult Swim is taking songs and giving each one it’s own trippy visual feature. Check out the one for “All Death Is Mine” here. If you just want to rock: listen below! And in case you didn’t see the announcement earlier this week, Integrity will be playing Decibel‘s Metal and Beer pre-fest at the Foundry in Philadelphia on April 12.