Full Album Stream: Cloudburst – “Cloudburst”

If you’re anything like me, when you think totally incendiary metallic hardcore, you probably think Massachusetts. You think… Converge, Cave In, Hope Conspiracy, etc.

OK, so if you have the same initial reaction I did, skip the rest of this writeup, scroll down, and listen to the self-titled sophomore LP by Cloudburst, streaming below. Come back after a little bit, I’ll wait.

Vicious, right? From the first riffs in “Strange Acrobat” to the bifurcated closer, “First Cry” and “Final Cry,” Clouburst never take the knife away from the listener’s jugular.

Cloudburst hail from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a country with a thriving metal underground. However, when I think Indonesia I usually think of grind’s punctuated trashcan bursts. Instead, Cloudburst offer fierce tones, roaring vocals, a sense of melody and a tight rhythmic approach. In other words, they’re metalcore in the way that contains none of that genre tag’s negative connotations, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Cloudburst is available on January 4thvia Samestrong Records. Order it here.