Watch: Inoculation – ‘Loss of Esoteric Profoundness’

After watching The Black Dahlia Murder level the Wiltern this weekend at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles, I’m happy to consume excellently-produced, just-brutal-enough, modern-sounding death metal. Fortunately for me, that’s exactly what Inoculation deliver with the “Loss of Esoteric Profoundness.”

Razor-sharp guitar riffs, clean solos, groovy chugs, a machinelike rhythm section and an even mix of gutturals and high screams give Inoculation everything they could ever need in their toolkit and they break it all out on “Loss of Esoteric Profoundness.” You can watch the video for the song below and head to Inoculation’s Bandcamp to hear their latest album, Pure Cosmic Dread.