Track Premiere: Festerday – ‘Edible Excrement’

Photo: Philip Kerbs

If you like filthy, gross death metal named after a Carcass song, then Festerday and their new song “Edible Excrement” are probably for you. The Finns, who have existed under different names and lineups in various forms since 1989, distill the genre down to its raw, purest form. “Edible Excrement” is like unearthing an unheard slab of ’90s death metal with updated production.

Festerday aren’t willing to give up all their secrets though; when asked for comment about the song or new album, Iihtallan, the band kept their lips sealed. You’ll be able to exhume all those secrets on January 4, when Season of Mist release Iihtallan. For now, enjoy “Edible Excrement.”