Video Premiere: The Last of Lucy – ‘Formication’

If you’re one of the progressive death metalheads that hasn’t been able to get enough of acts like Rivers of Nihil and Burial in the Sky this year, then The Last of Lucy are a band you should take note of. If that didn’t already spur you into action, allow me to persuade you.

The Southern California-based group released their album Ashvattha last year featuring the song “Formication.” The eighth song on the album, “Formication” is a whirlwind of ridiculous riffs, mind-bending leads and solos and just generally off-the-chain musicianship. Like the aforementioned contemporaries, The Last of Lucy also have a knack for incorporating saxophone and other elements of smooth jazz into their music without pumping the brakes on the extreme side of their sound—just hear that transition around the 2:50 mark in the video.

Watch “Formication”—made from clips of the band’s 2017 tour—below and find Ashvattha on Bandcamp.