Track Premiere: Disciples of the Void – ‘Dominion’

Disciples of the Void

Finnish black metallers Disciples of the Void get caught between the nightside eclipse and the centuries of sorrow as they enter the grand psychotic castle on new single, “Dominion,” off the group’s debut album via Primitive Reaction. There’s a bevy of references in the first ‘graph to indicate what Disciples of the Void are up on “Dominion,” but if mid-’90s black metal (from Norway, natch) wasn’t lived in and worshiped devoutly at the time, here’s a few hints from the group’s press release: “The idea behind this project is not to come up with something new and different, but instead perform BM [black metal] the way it was at first when we discovered it and the way it was at its best.”

That is to say throughout “Dominion” (and the rest of the album–we’ve heard it and it rules!), the Finns open up the time capsule to the year 1994, when the Norwegians were at full Satanic power. Bands like Emperor, Arcturus, Obtained Enslavement, Tartaros, Dimmu Borgir, Limbonic Art (OK, they’re 1995), and Covenant were either firing on cylinders Nordic and spirited or beginning to ramp up their sonic torment of the cosmos. This period of time — 1994-1995 — is specifically what Disciples of the Void are referencing on “Dominion.” And it’s fucking magical. It’s as if time hadn’t moved on and they’re caught in some kind of time loop where it’s always the same two years over and over.

Bring on “Dominion!” May the storms blåst, the constellations collapse, the blackwinds usher in eternal night as the ancient queen summons the scorpio moon for centuries of sorrow! The ’90s are reborn!

** Disciples of the Void’s new album, Disciples of the Void, is out December 7th, 2018 via Primitive Reaction. Pre-order CD and LP HERE.