Watch: Heavens Die – ‘I Only Wish to Dream’

There are a lot of hardcore bands out there killing it right now—Harm’s Way, Terror, King Nine, Turnstile and Homewrecker all released killer albums this year, just to name a small few—but Virginia’s Heavens Die are the cream of the crop right now, in this writer’s humble opinion. Pulling heavily from death metal, Heavens Die have wracked up tour dates and one-offs with Vatican, Sect, Chokehold and other heavy hitters, and for good reason. 2016’s The Hands of Man was an assbeater from front to back and today they announce Unnoticed and Unmissed, a new EP.

Check out the band’s new video for “I Only Wish to Dream,” which stars the fattest grooves Heavens Die have come up with yet. Once you do that, head to their Bandcamp for more info.

“‘I Only Wish to Dream’ is track two of Unnoticed and Unmissed, which will be available to stream and download November 23,” Heavens Die collectively tell Decibel. “We wanted to follow up the introductory self titled track with something that could stop someone in their tracks like the horn of a freight train in the fog and then run them over at top speed.”