Track Premiere: Wald Krypta – ‘Our Prevalence’

Wald Krypta emerged from the US and Canadian underground in 2016 with the digital release of their Pandemic Winds demo, which was later released physically via Eternal Death. Following that conspiracy, the raw black metal duo stuck with Eternal Death for their first album, Nature Enigma.

Based on their sound, it should come as little surprise that Wald Krypta formed in opposition to modern black metal, which they feel is indulgent and off-the-mark. Thus, their take of black metal is raw yet thoughtful, leading an alluring, almost epic, melody around the oppressive, raw core of their music.

“The general influence of the song and album overall is philosophy,” the duo state. “It has special meaning to us and was written with pure inspiration and passion. It deals with the cycle of life and the fundamental nature of existence. We wrote this song in the introspective winter of 2017 after recording a short unreleased demo. The song was refined further and selected for the tracklist of Nature Enigma.”

Take a listen to “Our Prevalence” below. Nature Enigma is out November 9.