Watch: The Great Sabatini Know ‘You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied)’

Decibel has checked in with Canadian noise/sludge rockers The Great Sabatini numerous times over the years for album releases, tour updates and more. The reason today is that they have a new video for the rockin’ new track “You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied)”, which hails from their upcoming Goodbye Audio album, out on various formats later this month. The band’s noisy riffs border on doom, with yelled vocals and a punchy rhythm section; fans of Melvins, Unsane and KEN mode will find plenty to love here.

“‘You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied)’ is about dealing with an addiction to one’s own work ethic,” guitarist/vocalist Sean Sabatini states frankly. “You can work at making yourself better at something, but there will never be enough time to reach perfection. This thought came from watching an interview with Japanese tattoo master Horyoshi III. To me, the idea boiled down to the inevitability of death vs. the desire to create things and get better at it. Resigning myself to death and the simple fact that I’ll never achieve the level of craft I strive for during my lifetime can be either freeing or oppressive, depending on what side of the bed I wake up on, I guess. Our friend Garth at Troublelight Pictures shot and edited the video for us. It’s a straight up performance video, but he made us look cool and the video has a dark timbre to it.”