Track Premiere: Into Eternity – ‘Sandstorm’

Most of the songs on The Sirens, the new offering from Canadian melodic death metal crew Into Eternity, are on the longer end, clocking in close to seven minutes with lots of frills, intros, solos and other trappings associated with progressive stylings. The album does have one noticeably shorter offering, though: third track “Sandstorm.”

Starting off with a clean intro before bursting into blistering grooves and a total beatdown from the rhythm section, “Sandstorm” utilizes both soaring clean vocals and guttural roars, which keeps things interesting. The dual-guitar team of Tim Roth and Matt Cuthbertson kicks some serious ass, too. Just listen to 3:25 to the end of the song, where Into Eternity shift from pummeling breakdown into a blazing guitar solo; these melodic touches help the band stand out from throngs of Arch Enemy and In Flames imitators.

“‘Sandstorm’ was the second song written for The Sirens,” Roth says. “Most of the other tracks are long epics, but ‘Sandstorm’ is a short, action packed song that holds plenty of firepower. Amanda did a spectacular job on the vocal melody and even though this song has a nice groove, there are still a lot of blast beats, guitar harmonies, melodic bass playing and shredding solos to be heard. This track also features Rob Doherty (low growls), Stu Block as guest vocalists as well as Justin Bender on the outro guitar solo. The songs lyrics were inspired on May 2, 2011 after the USA shot and killed Osama Bin Laden during a convert mission.”

Hear it below; M-Theory will drop the whole album on October 26.