Track Premiere: Basilysk – ‘Sinners of Their Own Reality’

Philadelphia death dealers Basilysk have worshipped at the altar of old-school death metal and the result is their new single, “Sinners of Their Own Reality.” Leading with angular riffing and tireless blasts that are soon joined by vocalist/guitarist Josh Perrin’s deep gutturals, “Sinners of Their Own Reality” will drag you back to the glory days of death metal as it leads you through riff after riff, a blazing solo and an almost-ritualistic groovy bit.

“The track is only a morsel of the long-awaited feast set to hit in late 2018,” Perrin notes. “Our new album, Emergence, will offer fans of old-school death metal the second coming they have long prayed for. Emergence stands as a testament to metal gods worldwide—technical, progressive and thoroughly vicious.”

Hear it below—Emergence is currently scheduled for a late December release, according to Basilysk’s Bandcamp.

Photo: Matt Decker