Track Premiere: Ulthar – ‘Asymmetric Warfare’

Photo: Aloysius V. Cummings

Upon reading the names of bands Ulthar‘s members play or have played with, it becomes apparent that they rule before even clicking play. Current and former members of Vastum, Extremity, Void Omnia, Mutilation Rites, Tombs and more join forces to play brutal death/black metal with a focus on arcane themes. Lermo weaves evil, inverted riffs that create an unsettling atmosphere but ultimately bludgeon the listener; the rhythm section shores up the heaviest parts of “Asymmetric Warfare” and Lermo and bassist/vocalist Steve Peacock shriek and growl with rage.

“We have moved with the directionless zeal which results from a combined sense of futility and necessity of action,” Ulthar collectively state. “Our care was gravely minute; every synapse was dissected, each subliminal cavern searched for bodies, every thorny line of adjacent prose again scanned for clues and cyphers, but all without result. And yet, vague new fears have hovered menacingly over us; as if giant bat-winged gryphons squatted invisibly on the mountain-tops and leered with Abaddon eyes that had looked on trans-cosmic gulfs. Hence ‘Asymmetric Warfare,’ and the rotting womb which bore it, Cosmovore.”

We told you they were into the arcane. Cosmovore will be released November 9 via 20 Buck Spin.