Full Album Stream: Mutilated by Zombies – ‘Scripts of Anguish’

Midwest death metal act Mutilated by Zombies were brought into existence a decade ago to write and play death metal reminiscent of its golden age, which, in this case, seems to be old-school Florida-style death metal, citing Deicide, Monstrosity, Gorguts and Cryptopsy as some of their major influences. The trio succeed in their mission, crafting meat-and-potatoes death metal. There are no frills, no acoustic interludes or ambient introductions; starting with “Decayed Manifestation” and ending with “Rise to Enslave,” Mutilated by Zombies focus on meaty riffs, growled vocals and a machine-like rhythm section.

Mutilated by Zombies don’t reinvent the wheel, nor do they want to; the gore-obsessed crew do an above-average job at dealing angular riffs, deep vocals and blasting at high speeds. Scripts of Anguish comes out tomorrow through OSDM aficionados Redefining Darkness, but you can stream the whole slab now.