Full Album Stream: Shezmu – “Breaching the Tomb”

In January of this year, Shezmu released their EP The Scent of War. This EP confirmed what the duo’s two track demo had strongly suggested only six months prior: Shezmu are a band worth watching. Now, only ten months after the release of The Scent of War, Montreal’s premier death doom band are set to unleash their latest monstrosity, Breaching the Tomb.

Once again dealing with “ancient Egyptian rites, legends and sexuality,” according to Shezmu’s guitarist/vocalist C.B., Breaching the Tomb comprises three songs of powerful and raw blackened and doomed death metal, plus one incredibly evocative instrumental track. Striking this enthralling balance between hypnotic and violently ritualistic, Breaching the Tomb is Shezmu’s most potent and pestilential release yet. 

Says C.B.: “The four new pieces have a clearer production than the demo – giving more space to the ‘glorious’ aspects of Shezmu. The atmosphere is more pronounced than ever, leading you directly into the tomb of the ancients . . .”

Breaching the Tomb


Breaching the Tomb will be available October 12th digitally, on CD and on 12″ vinyl from Les Fleurs du Mal and Iron Bonehead