Machine Head Guitarist and Drummer Quit, Robb Flynn Announces Farewell Tour

Update 10/1/18: Robb Flynn has clarified via a Facebook post that this is not Machine Head’s final tour.

“This is the Farewell Tour of this line-up of Machine Head, not the Farewell Tour of Machine Head, as has been reported in the media.

“Machine Head wish to thank Phil and Dave for their significant contributions to the band, both musically and lyrically, as well for the spirit, genuine passion they infused into the music, and legendary live performances brought along the way.”

Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain have quit the band, making their upcoming tour their last, according to a Facebook video posted by frontman Robb Flynn. In the video, he explained that Demmel quit on Wednesday and McClain quit the next day; Flynn added that bassist Jared MacEachern “kinda quit, but didn’t know if he was quitting for sure.” Their scheduled tour will go on as a celebration of their music, Flynn said. He also noted that he “held on too tight to the reigns of this band.”

The groove/thrash/nü metal band’s tour was scheduled to support Catharsis, their ninth full-length that was released earlier this year on Nuclear Blast. The extensive tour will hit most of the United States and Canada and they will play an extended set with over two hours of material each night. You can find tickets and dates here.