Watch: Iron Lamb Spoof Crime Films with ‘Apocalypse Express’ Video

Fuzzed-out, psychedelic Swedish rockers Iron Lamb might have the best music video of the year with “Apocalypse Express.” Forget grainy rehearsal footage and bands playing unplugged instruments in a forest or industrial park. The video for “Apocalypse Express,” directed by Jimmy Johansson, plays like an old crime film spoof featuring Swedish exploitation film actress Christina Lindberg, who acted in various ’70s films. If you’re a fan of Tarantino, fuzz rock or crime films, the video is a must watch.

“The song itself originated as an idea to create the perfect soundtrack for an intense car chase down the hills in San Fransisco, preferably in 1977,” Iron Lamb tell Decibel. “It is our hope we have captured some of the groove of the late ’70s and that it rocks and/or rolls.

“For the video, we surely wanted to create something along the atmosphere of ’70s crime films. When our previous video collaborator Jimmy Johansson told us about an idea of his, regarding a crime film homage, we knew we had the song for it. When we then managed to get Swedish exploitation queen Christina Lindberg in on the project, we just had to run with it. So now, 1.5 years and a couple of gallons of blood later, we are ready to unleash the final product.

“It’s time to take a ride on the Apocalypse Express – are you ready?”

“For a long time I had this idea of doing a music video like this,” Johansson comments. “Iron Lamb were stupid enough to jump on this project. The goal was to do my own version of a Tarantino/Rodriguez-movie in the style of their early work, call it a parody or homage if you will. Feels good that we managed to get Christina Lindberg involved, since it’s Quentin’s favorite actress. To this day she hasn’t been in one of his movies; I beat you to it, Quentin!”

Check it out for yourself above. Iron Lamb drop Blue Haze at the end of October; you can buy it here.