Watch: Gloves Off – ‘Roanoke’

You like Halloween parties, slasher films and hardcore, right? Though the most metal of holidays (unless you count that time we threw a festival with Mayhem and Carcass on Easter Sunday) is still over a month away, Gloves Off will help you get in the spirit with their new video for “Roanoke.”

Though the video itself is clearly a tongue-in-cheek affair that lightheartedly pokes fun at low-budget slasher films, “Roanoke” also has a deeper meaning that plays on the history of the lost colony, which seemingly just ceased to exist in the late 16th century.

“I was inspired by all of the lost civilizations I have learned about and how they met their demise,” vocalist Cody Clark relays to Decibel. “I related them to the modern world and how we are killing ourselves off at a rapid rate and maybe to truly be free, would mean to not be meant for this world at all.”

You don’t need to be a history buff to get into “Roanoke.” Check it out below for your fill of fake blood and fight riffs.

Gloves Off’s new album, Born Broken, is available now from Fast Break.