Pass Through the Celestial Gateway With Boethiah

There’s a lot of “new” old-school death metal out there these days. And with the unrelenting multiplication of bands, labels and scenes, this has led to a massive over-saturation of bands who worship the major pillars of the Floridian-Morrisound and the Swedish Sunlight sound. But leave it to Camo Pants, the little label out of Glasgow, to find bands that stand out and try and take their idol worship to more interesting places.

One such band is Boethiah, who are prepared to take old-school death metal back into the stratosphere and propel us back into the “Lake of Fire” created by Nocturnus, while still being steeped in plenty of Grave, Dismember and Bolt Thrower to keep HM-2 enthusiasts happy.

The band, hailing from Corona, California, describes the inspiration of their debut album this way:

The basis of the album is, of course, space. The lyrics and themes are heavily inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and our own thoughts. The concept of the album is how humans search for answers to their questions and can’t face the truth. The humans in this are drawn towards the vacuum of space, and inevitably perish through. The lyrics tell the rest.

How appropriately grim. Indeed, some of the lyrics to “Drifting Into the Void” include these charming lines:

Slowly losing sanity
No longer I breathe
My lungs now filling
with the cosmic dust
Into oblivion
Go now I must

The band hopes to keep putting out new music into 2019 and hopefully perform some “live rituals.” Enjoy the album in its entirety below!