Track Premiere: Godless – ‘From Beyond’

Tight, technical, fast: three words to describe Godless. The Indian group are preparing to launch their second EP, Swarm, into the world with the new song “From Beyond.” Godless spend almost four minutes assaulting the listener with razor-sharp riffs and nonstop speed; the band aren’t focused on showboating but on delivering a relentless, aggressive song.

“The song is about cosmic monstrosities from otherworldly dimensions beyond space, time or comprehension, that threaten to destroy all of mankind,” Godless tell Decibel. “The EP artwork by Khaos Diktator perfectly captures the morbid atmosphere of this song.”

“The new EP Swarm contains four tracks of punishing and utterly uncompromising deathrash,” they add of the EP. “Swarm explores themes touching upon zombification, cosmic horror, reanimation of the undead, occultism and religion. Swarm is definitely heavier, faster and more aggressive and morbid than our old EP Centuries of Decadence. We’ve meticulously paid attention to the smallest details on this record.”

Check out “From Beyond” below. Swarm will be released on October 27. Pre-orders for India are here and here for the rest of the world.