Track Premiere: Ichor – ‘Noble Ichor’


“‘Noble Ichor’ is a tale of doom and blood, about a great battle and the struggle of warriors defending their homeland from the invasion of Christian armies. It is about the people who follow the ancient ways and the old Gods, they will not submit to the new God. Their will is strong and they fight fiercely; in the end they triumph, but at great cost, with many lives sacrificed and rivers of blood shed on both sides. The land is stained with blood and the earth from which life wells forever mingles with the blood of the ancestors. Their sacrifice and will is burned within our hearts and pulsing through our veins, echoing down the ages to remind us of the old ways.”

This is the missive from Ichor, newly resurrected from the coffins of eternity, about the track “Noble Ichor.” Nearly 25 years in the making, the track — which appears on Ichor’s long-awaited debut, God Of Thunder God Of War — sets the stage for two Australian black metal acts to rule the Southern Hemisphere. In all its dissonance, clang, entropy, and fervor, suddenly Nazxul, which also features Sydney-based warriors Wraith and Diablore, has another iron fist to use against God’s armies invading southernly shores. Ichor is that mighty second fist.

With the Old Ones at their side and weapons of divine magic at their disposal, Ichor are ready to crush the flaccid armies of the Light with “Noble Ichor.” Let the blood flow…

** Ichor’s God Of Thunder God Of War is out October 5th on Seance Records. Expect pre-orders to become available shortly through this LINK. Buy or death by 1000 stings from the Box jellyfish. Trust us, the Box jellyfish is a nasty creature.