Track Premiere: Vessel of Light – ‘One Way Out’

Doom/stoner rock duo Vessel of Light—featuring members of Ancient VVisdom, ex-Hades— are picking up where they left off without missing a beat. Despite releasing an EP last year, the duo are back with a new album called Woodshed. Like the EP, it’s a blend of slowed-down doom metal and spaced-out stoner rock. The latest track from Woodshed, called “One Way Out,” adds screams and a hypnotic, wah-heavy solo to that formula; you can check it out below.

“‘One Way Out’ is one of my favorite songs on Woodshed and although I did two completely separate guitar tracks, it’s sounding brutal at our rehearsals,“ instrumentalist Dan Lorenzo explains. “Nathan combined his clean voice for the verse and the chorus… he just lets loose. Brutal. ‘One Way Out’ is the only song on Woodshed that features an additional musician. Nathan’s brother Michael ( from Ancient VVisdom) recorded the wah-wah guitar solo.”

Woodshed is out September 21 on Argonauta.