Track Premiere: Descent – ‘Foundations of Sand’

Australian death metal quintet Descent are skilled at crafting dark, oppressive death metal. With Towers of Grandiosity, their debut full-length, the Australians drop a slab of aggression defined by furious blast beats, thick layers of distortion and buzzsaw riffs. At its finest moments, Towers of Grandiosity balances HM2-distorted death metal with gloomy melodies and a sense of bleak ugliness as presented on “Foundations of Sand.”

“Originally I demoed this song as a super short grindy powerhouse with no breaks and an overly ignorant ‘beat down’ part pretty much just slapped on the end – a riff sandwich as we refer to it!” explains guitarist Brendan Auld. “After months of tweaking and a few additions, we struck its final form. Lots of tributes to bands I really like in this one. See if you can guess what they are.

“Lyrically, this track continues with the overall themes of the album, though ‘Foundations of Sand’ is metaphorically referring to people being so easily tricked into believing what they want to believe is real and not realizing it’s a massive distraction. It’s nothing new and it’s presented in a very unapologetic manor, but it’s the kind of thing that pisses us off enough to write music.”

Stream the new song below and pre-order Towers of Grandiosity through Redefining Darkness here.