Track Premiere: Gillian Carter – ‘Hoping That There’s a God’

Photo: Matthew Zagorski

Gillian Carter have a lot going on in their music, but “chaotic” will always be an apt descriptor. Combining bits of hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo and a dash of post-rock into their sound, the trio have found a sound that works for them and hits hard. They’re working on a new album called …This Earth Shaped Tomb, which will be released on August 31 through Skeletal Lightning. To keep the hype train rolling, Decibel is streaming new song “Hoping That There’s a God,” which encompasses many of Gillian Carter’s best qualities.

The fast-paced screamo of the song’s first half gives way to heavy, squealing dissonance before… dissolving into quiet, clean guitars. It’s executed so well that it doesn’t feel like a tease; it flows naturally and ends in noise.

“Humanity’s lust to conquer new land in the name of God brought death, disease, & slavery,” offers guitarist/vocalist Logan Rivera of the new song. “Something I’ve always wondered was whether or not anyone’s morality was ever questioned at any point during all of it. If so, how did they sleep at night?”

Check out “Hoping That There’s a God” below and pre-order it here.