Track Premiere: Helsott – ‘Slaves and Gods’

American death metal clan Helsott have been active for the better part of a decade now, combining bits of thrash, folk and even symphonic metal into their sound. Their new album, Slaves and Gods, fuses the various sounds without venturing into corny folk metal territory, instead recalling Amon Amarth and bands of that ilk. We have the title track streaming below—check it out and pre-order through M-Theory Audio if you like what you hear. Slaves and Gods is out on October 12.

“We are proud to present the first video and single for the self titled track off of our new album, Slaves and Gods,” Helsott vocalist Eric Dow tells Decibel. “The hard work that we put in on this record is immeasurable, and we feel like this track represents everything that we have worked for in the past eight-plus years. This song features Dr. Leif from TrollfesT on guitar and is an absolute crusher! Raf with Ecliptic Visions took Felipe Machado Franco’s art and our song and created a very entertaining experience. Crank it up!”