Deconstructing the Self: Tunisia’s Brood of Hatred

For us death metal fans, the last few years have seen an explosion in throwback bands paying homage to the classic sounds of Swedish and Floridian giants. But what of the other side of the spectrum? What about the bands and individual musicians looking to venture to new sonic lands and forge an original vision? Anyone out there seeking death metal’s brave new explorers should check out Tunisia’s Brood of Hatred.

Words like “experimental” and “progressive” can someone carry bad connotations, as it can sometimes denote bands that simply try to be kooky and random without forming any meaningful narrative. Muhammed Mêlki deftly avoids this trap by taking the time to structure his songs in a way that create dramatic tension. When you listen to his latest album, Identity Disorder, and crank songs like “Mist” and “Feeding the Hunger,” you want to hear what happens next. The riffs explore without meandering. The drum parts are complex without falling into a noodling mess.

If you like bands like The Ocean, but want some more of the darkness present with modern Gorguts or Desecresy, Brood of Hatred should scratch that unique itch. Also, that name! Of all the Suffocation songs to name your band after, you can get much better than that! Check out “Shooting Torpedoes” below, and be sure to blast the band’s earlier, more straightforward stuff as well.