Demo:listen: Witchgöat

Witchgöat are a death thrash trio from San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. Our contact within the band for this interview is Witchgöat’s ear drum-rupturing vocalist, Morbid Miasma. A stalwart purveyor of diabolical noise and audial terror whose been “active in the [underground metal] scene since the early ‘90s,” Morbid Miasma joined forces with guitarist P. Scyther and drummer E. Driller to form Witchgöat.

“Witchgöat was originally formed by guitarist P. Scyther some years ago,” explains Miasma. “He asked me if I would like to join the band as vocalist . . . we knew each other in a way from the past, but never worked together in a band, so I decided to give it a shot. [Scyther] is a very skillful guitarist and I really liked the music he had composed for this band so I immediately started to work out the lyrics and record the first demo tracks. I really like the black/thrash metal vibe and all the mixtures between Teutonic thrash metal, death metal and black metal . . . I felt the songs were so different to any other structures i am working in any other of the bands so that is why I liked the idea to join and work the lyrics and vomits.”

 Witchgöat’s demo tape Umbra Regit is out now out Morbid Skull Records, one of the most solid labels in the underground, let alone Central America; also owned by none other than Morbid Miasma.

“Managing the label and working on bands is very time demanding but the key is to enjoy the whole path. It gets complicated sometimes so some things get delayed but I think all is working out. I am not the main force in all the bands so in a way that allows me to be able to get involved in several projects and just work on my contributions. Also it is kind of interesting for me to work with other people’s music and try to adapt and add my essence to the songs according to the instrument i play, it is interesting and challenging for me.”

Witchgöat’s demo represents two tracks of beast mode death thrash with Morbid Miasma’s acidic screams ripping through like a blade through the night. Plus an acoustic guitar piece outro  amid an eerie atmosphere. The outro serves as a nice segue for looping the demo over and over again.

According to Miasma, Umbra Regit “was recorded in 3 different places.”

“P. Scyther recorded all the guitars on his own home studio. The drums were recorded in another local studio that is owned by a P. Scyther’s friend. I recorded the bass and vocals at my studio (Devil’s Eve Studio). All locations are in San Salvador, El Salvador. P. Scyther mixed the songs and then another friend mastered them.

Get your copy of Umbra Regit now while they’re still around.

As for what’s on the horizon for Witchgöat, Miasma says: “We are working on the release of our debut full length that if all goes well will be out in October/November 2018. After that work on the promotion and distribution while keep working on some new tunes P. Scyther already has for future releases, enjoy the process and drink.”