Video Premiere: Anisoptera – ‘Rebirth’

Progressive death legion Anisoptera focused on the dragonfly while writing their new album, Spawn of Odonata. The insect was one of their inspirations for Spawn and dragonfly wings make a cameo in the new video for “Rebirth” from that album. Like the entirety of the album, Anisoptera introduce bits of jazz, melody and technicality into their brand of groovy, blistering death metal.

Though their music can be complex and serious, Anisoptera don’t take it too seriously. Their video for “Rebirth” was filmed during a game of laser tag.

“What better way to convey the dominance of the dragonfly than lasers?” they ask. “‘Rebirth’ has a pensive undertone as we act like a bunch of goofballs to convey the message of manipulation and sacrifice. We wanted to bring out the inner us through something original, organic, and fun.”

Spawn of Odonata is out on September 13. Until then, party on, Garth.