Full Album Stream: Ill Omen – “The Grande Usurper”

This Friday marks the release of Ill Omen’s latest opus, The Grande Usurper.

At roughly twenty-five minutes in length, The Grande Usurper is not a true full length, but what the record lacks in running time it makes up for in suffocating black density. Each of the four tracks presented here on Ill Omen’s fifteenth public release further proves that IV, the sole force behind Ill Omen, has mastered the dread art of conjuring black maelstroms that swallow listeners whole and defecate loyal disciples.

The Grande Usurper represents a more straight-for-the-throat approach for the Australian entity, but all the noxious elements we’ve come to know and fear from Ill Omen are more potent than ever.

Says IV: “After deeper exploration in tone and soundscapes within previous works, Ill Omen has purposely returned to a more direct, morbid and stripped back black metal offering spawned from the frustration of over-complex and needlessly clouded visions seen flooding recent years. A revisit to the eternal inspiration of the 90’s classics yet infecting this offering with the creators own blood and vomit.”

The Grande Usurper

Get The Grande Usurper this Friday, August 10th, from Iron Bonehead.