Video Premiere: 156/Silence – ‘Undercover Scumbag’

Pennsylvania has cranked out some of the heaviest hardcore in recent years, and Pittsburgh is no exception (looking at you, Code Orange and Eternal Sleep), so it comes as little surprise that 156/Silence also deliver a beatdown on their new album, Undercover Scumbag. The Pittsburgh hardcore/metalcore outfit will drop Undercover Scumbag in September, but Decibel has a video for the title track right now.

Combining chugging riffs and breakdowns with pissed-off vocals and crushing low end, 156/Silence are a band we’ll probably be hearing more from.

“‘Undercover Scumbag’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, and the one we’ve been playing the longest live,” 156/Silence tell Decibel. “If you’ve seen us in the past 6 months you’ve heard this song. When the intro riff was played at practice for the first time in the Summer of 2017, the rest of the song just made sense. People seem to not only connect with the raw heaviness of this track, but also the meaning behind the song as well and we’re excited to finally release it.”

Check it out below. Pre-orders for Undercover Scumbag are now live via Innerstrength Records.