Track Premiere: Sumac – “Attis’ Blade’

We’re still a little under two months out from the release of the next SUMAC full-length Love in Shadow, but for those who immerse themselves in the jaw-dropping fifteen-minute-plus epic of primal transcendence below — simultaneously fearsome and beguiling —- that wait is about to go from ho-hum abstraction to interminable delay.

In short, it is a song (and album), that lives up to the lofty expectations naturally fomented by a band featuring members of ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Baptists, and Russian Circles.

“Before SUMAC was even a fully-formed band there was a goal I had in mind for how to approach writing songs: marrying fully realized structures to freely improvised movements — and trying to find fluid passages between these worlds,” guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner tells Decibel. “‘Attis’ Blade’ is a breakthrough for us in that it comes closer to meeting that goal than anything else we’ve written previously.

“It’s a song I’m happy with in its own right, and more importantly as a key to the next step in our evolutional process. In this song I hear the three of us learning to trust one another more fully, and collectively embracing a more expansive dimension of our existence. Lyrically the song has to do with succumbing to base desires, the subsequent self-abuse/admonishment to atone for these perceived transgressions of moral code, and also the personal histories that can lead to this kind of behavioral dysfunction.”

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