Track Premiere: Omenfilth – ‘Under the Scythe of the Infidel’

Last week, Decibel regular J. Andrew Zalucky introduced us to Omenfilth, a black metal entity hailing from the not-so-frozen country known as the Philippines. On new album Hymns of Diabolical Treachery, Omenfilth draw influence from Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necrophobic and even ’80s thrash for a raw, yet surprisingly melodic, sound.

Today, they reveal “Under the Scythe of the Infidel” from Hymns of Diabolical Treachery, one of the thrash inspired songs on the album.

“The song was written around August of 2016,” Omenfilth tell Decibel. “I was was listening a lot at that time to Necrophobic’s The Nocturnal Silence album and I thought of writing something along the same lines but try to make a couple of the verses sound like ’80s thrash, such as Sodom or Iron Angel, etc. Regarding the lyrics, it is about anti-religious extremism/terrorism and about ‘infidels’ having victory over people pushing that agenda.”

Pre-order Hymns of Diabolical Treachery through Eternal Death.