Track Premiere: Grave Digger – ‘Fear of the Living Dead’

Germany’s Grave Digger are approaching the 40-year mark of their career, forming in 1980. They’re about to release their 19th album, The Living Dead, and Decibel has a new song from that album, “Fear of the Living Dead.”

If Grave Digger are tired from doing this for so long, they don’t show it on this new song, playing triumphant heavy metal with vigor.

“Normally we don’t like lyric videos that much, but this one reproduced the atmosphere of the song very well and its scary, weird and tough. The song is the first track we wrote for the new album and it contains all the trademarks of Grave Digger and much more. It’s fast, epic and sounds fresh like a new born child. Enjoy, people, and watch out for The Living Dead!