Track Premiere: Destroyer Attack – ‘Xul al ed Rodatrop’

Ecuadorian/Colombian black/death quartet Destroyer Attack were highly prolific from 2013 to 2016, putting out numerous splits, EPs and a full-length, before going quiet until now. Destroyer Attack have reemerged now with their second full-length, Solve et Coagula. Today, Decibel has an exclusive premiere of “Xul al ed Rodatrop,” a new song from that record.

Raw, primitive and proudly pro-Satan, “Xul al ed Rodatrop” is a good indicator of the band’s sound and ethos.

“He who seeks knowledge inside, finds it!” the band declare. “Lucifer is the black flame that burns in the heart of man, an indispensable knowledge where the hidden stone is, Push the God that lies in you! That God creates and destroys under your will. Lucifer is the torch that shines in the Dawn, the path of the bright and wise man who exalts the hidden self.”