Track Premiere: Pyre – ‘Nocturnal Hell’ (Slaughter Cover)

Russian death dealers Pyre are rereleasing their debut full-length, 2014’s Human Hecatomb, through Redefining Darkness Records. The reissue comes with many of the odds and ends one would expect from a reissue, namely unreleased demos and the like. The new version of Human Hecatomb also comes with a cover of “Nocturnal Hell” from Canadian thrashers Slaughter’s Decibel Hall of Fame-inducted Strappado album.

Pyre’s cover is much more death metal, but it retains the core of the song while filtering it through their sound.

“Slaughter is an awesome band that helped influence the formation of death metal,” Pyre tell Decibel. “Totally killer punk/ugly/death thrash stuff from the end of ’80s/early ’90s. Slaughter was a band we were all super into when we were young and played a major influence in shaping the Pyre sound.”

You can pre-order Human Hecatomb here. To read Slaughter’s Hall of Fame, go here.