Full Demo Stream: Bloodsoaked Necrovoid

When it comes to naming your band you want to choose something that’ll really grab people. Everyone knows that, but this emerging Costa Rican death doom trio came up with a moniker that wraps around the neck like a spiny tentacle and whips the potential listener around in space. Honestly, what a name! Bloodsoaked Necrovoid . . .

But, the real question is: Does this trio’s demo pack enough of a gory, psychedelic, and madly deranged wallop to back up their incredibly evocative name? Well, rather than simply answer that question for you, we present you with an exclusive full demo stream of Bloodsoaked Necrovoid’s four track debut, courtesy of rock-solid stateside label, Caligari Records.

Featuring drummer Jose Maria Arrea, bassist/vocalist Jorge Camacho, and guitarist/vocalist Federico Gutierrez, this demo represents Bloodsoaked Necrovoid’s first recording. The band describe themselves as a “dismal trio,” and list Incantation, Winter, Gorement, Eternal Darkness, among others as their primary influences. Between those influences, the band name, the artwork, not mention the gnarly and unbridled darkness that is their “music,” Bloodsoaked Necrovoid’s debut will easily earn its place as one of the most memorable demos of the entire year. Pura muerte!

Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – Demo

Bloodsoaked Necrovoid’s demo is available on tape July 24th, but you can preorder it now.