Track Premieres: Trappist – “No Corporate Beer” & “Wolves in the Tap Room”

You may have gotten the impression that here at Decibel, we enjoy our craft beer. You’d be right in that assumption, but we’re not the only ones. Extreme metal/hardcore vets and craft beer connoisseurs Trappist are gearing up to release new album Ancient Brewing Tactics on Relapse on August 17, and they have one thing in mind. Formed in 2014 with Chris Dodge (Spazz, ex-Infest, ex-Despise You, etc.), Phil Vera (Crom, Despise You, ex-(16)-) and Ryan Harkins (co-owner of heavy metal burger joint Grill Em’ All), the veteran lineup have brewed an entire album’s worth of craft beer-soaked crust/hardcore/D-beat anthems.

Today, Trappist are debuting two new songs. The first, “No Corporate Beer,” is a commentary about major breweries and a call to support local.

“The title says it all,” Trappist tell Decibel. “Corporate brewing is all about creating an assembly line of low-cost swill at maximum profit. If you really want to fight the man, support independent brewers.”

“Wolves in the Tap Room,” the 20th song on Ancient Brewing Tactics, is another humorous offering.

It’s about a bus load of bros showing up at our local indie brewery, and their only reason to be there is to get shit-faced and turn it into amateur hour,” they explain. “Learn some respect for the craftsmanship of our culture, you friggin’ mongos.  Get out of our scene!”

No Corporate Beer also features guest appearances from Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer), Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) and Steve Brooks (Torche), plus a list of beer pairings to go with every song on the album.

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