Track Premiere: Collector ‘A Tale of Titans’


Boston’s multi-faceted heavy metal outfit Collector have been working on their debut full-length Liberation’s Fall for the better part of two years, but that’s all about to change come this Wednesday when Liberation’s Fall is unfurled to the world. Featuring guest performances by The Agonist’s Vicky Psarakis, Act of Defiance/ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick, and the late Warrel Dane, Liberation’s Fall is a remarkable trip through the finer points of heavy metal, thrash metal, and the new wave of American metal–think Trivium meets Megadeth meets Gojira.

Collector have already premiered one track from Liberation’s Fall (HERE) to favorable response. So, it’s surprising that the Beantown blazers haven’t landed a label deal yet (mirroring fellow indie trailblazers Witherfall).

To ensure Liberation’s Fall hit the right–i.e., professional–notes Collector enlisted not one but four mixers, namely Mikko Karmila, Neil Kernon, Jayce Lewis, and Martyn Ginge Ford, as well as Ted Jensen (Mastodon, Behemoth) to master it. The result is not only clear but loud (in the right parts). So, sit back, turn up your desktop speakers, and behold Collector’s “A Tale of Titans.”

** Collector’s self-released new album, Liberation’s Fall, is out June 13th. Order it on CD and LP by clicking HERE.