Track Premiere: Act of Impalement – ‘Draugr’

If cavemen played death metal, they would have sounded like Act of Impalement. The US death metal wrecking crew writes songs that sound like sledgehammers, utterly devoid of melody or anything but the desire to write the hardest possible death metal. Perdition Cult is the first album from Act of Impalement following six years of demos, EPs, a split and a comp, and it absolutely bludgeoning. They’ve given us a new offering from Perdition Cult in the form of “Draugr.”

“Act of Impalement was formed in 2012 by young high school friends interested in creating their take on 80’s and early-9’0s extreme metal,” the band offer of their sound. “Equally influenced by the raw punk/d-beat scene, our sound grew quickly. The sound from our first EPs (released on tape compilation by Caligari) has taken full stride on Perdition Cult, in part thanks to the recordings by Shibby Poole of Yautja. No trend, only caveman death metal.”

Hear the pulverizing track for yourself below and pre-order through Unspeakable Axe and Caligari Records.