Full Album Stream: Lago – ‘Sea of Duress’

Arizona death dealers Lago are unleashing their first release since 2016 today with new album Sea of Duress. A dissonant, no-frills release, the quartet have their sound dialed in, performing each riff, lead and drum fill with almost-surgical precision. Don’t just take our word for it; stream Sea of Duress below.

Sea Of Duress is the next step for Lago in terms of our writing process,” guitarist/vocalist Cole Jacobsen tells Decibel. “Though the Tampa Bay death metal influences can still be heard, we have stepped outside of our box so to speak. We love and appreciate the pioneer death metal acts, however, we have never approached our lyrics the way a lot of the others have. We tend to write about depression, isolation, and the fear of, and necessity of coping with tyranny. We currently live in a country entrenched in turmoil.  I think a lot of that can be felt in this album. We’re thrilled to be releasing this album on Unique Leader Records, and cannot wait for a broader audience to hear what we’ve created.”