Watch: Vor – ‘Blood… Fear… Knife… Sin’

Vor have been making various forms of noisy, sludgy music since 2016, most recently settling upon a sound that shares DNA with Melvins, Grief and even Today is the Day. Add to that some punk sensibilities, a pinch of psychedelia and a helping of fuzz, and you have “Blood… Fear… Knife… Sin,” the track for which we have a video premiere today.

Filmed in Orcasitas, Madrid, the seemingly random location speaks to Vor’s punk tendencies. As the band explain in the description for the video, Orcasitas has become associated with the fight for political and social justice in Spain. The duo further explain that “Blood… Fear… Knife… Sin” is a song about freedom of expression and an opposition to institutionalized thinking.

“Sixteen million farmers live in caves,” they offer as an analogy. “A majority of caves only have one opening, others have two openings and only the privileged ones have three. We simply wanted to do the exact opposite of the expected. Two persons, with their most obscure and naked desires, with their music, and the darkest side of their being, ‘el depravador.’

Vor’s latest album, Depravador, is available now through Third I Rex.