Video Premiere: Barbarian Prophecies – ‘Path of the Soul’

Death metal unit Barbarian Prophecies released their fourth album, Origin, in March. It highlighted Barbarian Prophecies’ unique take on the genre, a marriage of melodic and blackened death metal, sidestepping much of the dissonance one might expect in favor of melody while retaining brutality. Track five on Origin, “Path of the Soul,” has received the music video treatment, which we’re streaming below.

Trianges—specifically a glowing red one—hold a special significance in the video, becoming the focal point throughout.

“In this video, ‘Path Of The Soul,’ we wanted to translate into images an astral journey to the beyond, with a very specific imagery that can be easily identified with the unknown,” Barbarian Prophecies collectively explain. “We decided to use the figure of the triangle as a portal that attracts the individual to another plane of existence by the evident symbology of the triangle at the human and esoteric level. We decided to make a video of this song as it is a composition that we consider can convey a special and different feeling than usual in the extreme metal.”

You can find more Barbarian Prophecies on Bandcamp.