Full of Hell Release Split 7″ with Intensive Care

Ever-prolific grind/death metal outfit Full of Hell have surprise released a split with Intensive Care. The 7″ features three songs from Full of Hell, including a cover of Brutal Truth’s “Collateral Damage,” and two songs from Intensive Care. The split is now available digitally and on vinyl from Anthems of the Undesirable.

In a Facebook post, Full of Hell said, “Intensive Care is the latest in a lineage of bands that have invariably and irrevocably defined much of the DNA of Full of Hell (Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven). This split represents two sides of a not so familiar brain. The grey matter on the FOH side examines the plausible and isolating crush of alienation, the regality and loneliness of power, as well as a cover of Brutal Truth’s Collateral Damage. Limited simply to 500 copies on black and never to be repressed and featuring artwork by our own @theevaultofheaven [Dylan Walker, vocalist] .. Numb your Mind.”
Last year, Full of Hell released third album Trumpeting Ecstasy and Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light, their second collaboration with The Body. They announced their signing with Relapse Records in February.