Child Bite Stream Unsane, Minor Threat Covers from Upcoming Covers & Rarities Collection

Photo: Ruby Scholling

Detroit noise rockers Child Bite are closing in on the release day for covers and rarities collection Burnt Offerings. Containing a mixture of unreleased songs and covers of bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Misfits, Dead Kennedys and more, Burnt Offerings is crucial for collectors and noise rock die hards, but casual listeners will find plenty to enjoy about the two-CD release as well.

Today, Decibel has snagged three pieces of the album for you to hear: covers of Minor Threat’s “Guilty of Being White / It Follows” and Unsane’s “Don’t,” plus Child Bite original “Throb Forever.” The covers speak for themselves as Child Bite put their trademark spin on the punk and noise rock classics. Regarding “Throb Forever,” Child Bite had this to say:

“‘Throb’ is probably our favorite from that batch of 3 tunes. We played it every night on one of our tours back then, maybe the Voivod tour. It’s about a self-destructive person near the end of their life; bridges burned, alone, miserable and full of regret. The final line of the song is a bit about how the insects eating your buried remains makes your body quiver in a way similar to withdrawals… dunno if anybody would read into it that deep though. It’s also a nod to one of my favorite Carcass lyrics: ‘Even in the after life, there’s work to do.’”

Burnt Offerings is available on May 11 via Housecore.