Watch: Advent of Bedlam – ‘Olympus Mons’

Costa Rican tech/progressive death metal outfit Advent of Bedlam are scheduled to release their third album, Human Portal Phenomenon, on May 4. It builds on the already strong foundation established on 2012’s Flesh Over God, sounding tighter, meaner and better produced.

New song “Olympus Mons” comes packaged with a lyric video that takes the listener through time, from Neanderthals to alien civilizations.

“It is a song about how power and war have been in charge of controlling and eliminating the freedom of our human nature and changing the present, the future and past of history,” guitarist Max Gutierrez says. “It concentrates the essence of Advent of Bedlam’s musical and lyrical identity.”

Human Portal Phenomenon is available for pre-order via Horror Pain Gore Death.