Track Premiere: Inferi – ‘Condemned Assailant’

Nashville’s Inferi released one of the most mind-boggling technical death metal albums I’ve ever come across with The Path of Apotheosis, bringing together extreme technicality with an ear for the epic. Their new album, Revenant, looks to repeat that on a larger scale, as evidenced by the latest offering, “Condemned Assailant.”

Beginning with a tranquil atmosphere before launching into blast beats and groovy, technical leads, Inferi rip through six-and-a-half minutes, breaking only to deliver solos that inject a dose of melody into the song.

“This album was long overdue, but are all very proud of how Revenant turned out as a whole,” says guitarist Malcolm Pugh. “Our new lineup has really set the bar higher than we ever thought was possible for the sound we are trying to create, so this is by far the most mature album we have ever put together.  Each song has its own character and as a whole, I think it will take listeners on a journey through some very interesting and energetic musical passages.”

Revenant pre-orders are available here.