Track Premiere: Wild Hunt – ‘Afterdream of the Reveller’

California post-black metal quartet Wild Hunt have landed a big sound on “Afterdream of the Reveller,” the title track to their just-announced second album due out on April 20 via Vendetta Records. The song combines the grandiose, melodic sounds of post-black metal with jagged riffs, ending in an intense but pleasant flurry.

“Though it was the last song we wrote for the album (and the quickest assembled), it became the album’s centerpiece and its title track,” drummer/vocalist Harley Burkhart says. “The song’s lyrics incited the stylistic and tonal model for the rest of the words on the album, which are centered on death. It’s an emotional high-point of the record, wherein the narrator justifies his passing as a necessary transition.”

Afterdream of the Reveller follows Wild Hunt’s 2015 EP Scroll and Urn.