Track Premiere: Angerot – ‘Eternal Unrest’

Angerot worship the glory days of Swedish death metal, and they make no bones about it on their exhilarating debut, The Splendid Iniquity. Tearing through nine tracks and an intro with an almost religious fervor, the Midwest death dealers look to rise to the top with their new album.

“”Eternal Unrest’ is a track that encompasses what Angerot is as a whole,” guitarist/vocalist C.R. Petit (who also works with Metal & Beer Fest alum Hydra Brewing) tells Decibel. “It is a pretty solid reflection of our roots and our focus. Lyrically, it’s a good summery of the album’s concept as well. It’s a tale of lies and deception about life, death and what is promised in the after.

“We definitely do not feel this is a throwback band by any means. We all cut our teeth during the rise of this genre, and we are simply doing what comes naturally,” Petit continues. “We wanted to keep everything as on-point with the early 90’s as possible, that is why we elected to work with Tomas Skogsberg [Entombed, At the Gates] to mix our record. We could feel right away he knew exactly what we were trying to accomplish all the way around.”

Black Market Metal will release The Splendid Iniquity on April 13. Sink your teeth into the meaty death metal of “Eternal Unrest” until then.