Crawl/Leviathan Split: Spilling Tears Into the Forge of Hate

So Red River Family has a new split out, and there’s only two songs. But stay with me for a moment before you think there’s not much there. First of all, one of the songs is by Crawl, who describes himself as a “one-man sludge monolith” and who specializes in what I’d describe as a child’s night terror set to crushing doom riffs.

Speaking of night terrors and one-person operations, the other song is by Leviathan. I shouldn’t really have to go into much detail about Wrest, but in case you want to know a little more, we did put him on the cover of the magazine once. Anyway, on “Igneous Ashes Tears,” Leviathan starts things out in an ambient mode reminiscent of the Silhouette in Splinters album, and then pulls the listener back to the familiar infernal depths that harken back to the early demos and The Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide. He lets you have one more moment of eerie, uncertain ambiance before once more projecting the soundtrack to an entire eternity’s worth of suffering and horror at the end of the track.

So check out the split below! And run over to Crawl’s bandcamp page to keep up-to-date on when the cassettes will be back in stock, if that’s your thing.