Track Premiere: Thy Feeble Saviour – ‘And Darkness Fell’

Francisco Pulido began Thy Feeble Saviour back in 2004 as a solo project worshiping at the cloven hooves of Profanatica. The first incarnation of the band saw an auspicious start, between their killer demo and a split with Jhesu Masturbator. But by 2006, Thy Feeble Saviour would be no more. Then in 2015, Pulido, joined by true beast of battery, drummer Matt Heffner (Blaspherian, Morbosidad), resurrected Thy Feeble Saviour with the demo tape, Blasphemic Disgust. Not so much as a phoenix rising from the ashes, as a demon escaping the discarded husk of a wasted possessee, Thy Feeble Saviour returned to the underground black metal scene with a fiercer sound than ever. As if appeasing some dark rite, the band once again followed up their demo with a split, this time with west coast belligerent death metal maniacs, Ruin.

Now, finally, Thy Feeble Saviour are prepared to unleash their debut full length. Titled And Darkness Fell, this highly anticipated album features fourteen tracks of primitive and demonic black metal. Recalling an era long gone, when bands were less concerned about which genre they were playing so long as it sounded and felt evil, this is the title track from Thy Feeble Saviour’s debut full length, And Darkness Fell.

“‘And Darkness Fell’ is complete darkness and terror,” says Pulido. “Savage black death at its darkest. The song creeps up on you, then slits your throat with unrelenting madness.”