Video Premiere: Iron Angel – ‘Ministry of Metal’

For some headbangers, heavy metal is a way of life, much like a religion. German power/speed metal crew Iron Angel understand that, so they wrote a song called “Ministry of Metal.” The group, who originally formed in the early 80’s, will take you back to heavy metal’s golden age, both in sound and aesthetic.

“The whole idea was inspired by the artwork depicted in the video itself,” drummer Mäx Behr says. “Those pictures were created by Björn Linke, who is friends with our guitar player. The purpose of using his art in this video was to create certain visual dynamics that fit the fast pace of the song and enhance the listener´s experience. Also, it seems to evoke a certain 80’s spirit, something we were aiming at with the sound of the new album as well. Lastly, we wanted to do something different compared to other metal music videos, which mostly show the band simply playing at a junkyard or a factory.”

Watch the video for “Ministry of Metal” below. It comes from Hellbound, the first Iron Angel record since since 1986, out May 4 via Mighty Music.